Monday, January 26, 2015


Awoke this morning to another flight cancellation and three days of being locked away in deep in suburbia/industrial New Jersey as the great storm began to release it's fury. However, I took two ambient last night and quite groggy with a plan of action. Turns out, I logged into United and they had a few flights out of Lagordia that hadn't been cancelled yet. Used an app, ate a pretzel, drank some crap coffee and made my way to what is truly one of the saddest large airports I've ever been in. The storm car as predicted and I was fortunate enough to be on one of the last flights to get out for the day. Now, I have a few hours in the Denver airport where it is 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Have a feeling that I know a few folks that are hunkered down in a bar in NJ for a few days...

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