Thursday, March 12, 2015


Seems like I've been hanging out by the pool and turning various shades of red for several weeks now, but it's only been a few days. I have definitely given the resort a few reasons to question their all-inclusive meal pricing. Looking forward to winding the vacation down in the next day and getting back to the Bozone.
The kids and I, plus my dad, headed down the Yucatan on Monday morning for a couple of days on the flats. Things started out with the driver pestering me in the hotel room on Monday morning as we were an hour late…I thought we were leaving on Tuesday…TSA. We scrambled and headed on our way. All in all, it was rather uneventful and we got several hours of fishing in on Monday during which everyone involved a got a fish or two.
I fished with my little guy the first day and older son the second. Things I learned mostly centered around the lessons of life and kids that only seem to reach me through water and fish. They were both in awe of the mangroves, colors of the water, various types of rays, and the magical appearance of fish that swim in shallow water. The little guy didn't quite get that a hermit crab is still a hermit crab once you pull it out of the shell! We also learned that a Zebco is fine for bonefish and can handle small Barracuda too. Gulp doesn't work as well as hermit crabs. I learned that I real could care less if I catch fish while my kids are fishing. I was also reminded of the fact that sometimes, I am extremely patient.
The kids tried to open some rotten coconuts for a couple hours the first night (to no avail) I got to sit through a few minutes of a lodge rat asking me if in know so and so from Bozeman as they describe to me knowing someone from Bozeman 30 years ago. We watched Geckos climb walls, sat in hammocks in the wind, and laughed as only a family of dad and kids can do.
The highlight of the trip for me was watching my kids "get it" for a couple of days. Once again, it is the things that happen to me in between the fish while fishing that seem to matter most.

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