Monday, April 06, 2015


One of those days that just kind of got away from me right out of the gate. Meeting here, meeting there, daddy daycare on the front and middle, plus some at the end. Time enough to appreciate the fact that it was snowing like a mofo for a spell or two which made me feel not so bad for not fishing as I hoped.
I'm getting the bug pretty bad right now, which is good as the time is upon us. We could sure use some more moisture and snow in the mountains, but it's kind of nice to not be dealing with sub-zero weather and frozen guides on the rod, even on the cold days.
I was thinking, one day last week, about a comment an "old timer" made to me years ago about understanding the hatches on the Yellowstone. Specifically, he was talking about the arrival of significant Yellow Sally numbers. According to his wise words, the Yellow Sallies started when there was no snow left on this side of the Bridgers. I got close to tying on a yellow stimi and heading over there last week, but they are covered once again so it might be another week or two!
Go Badgers?

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