Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Another one of those days that kind of got away from me in the end. Not even sure how it started when I stop to think about it. I had plans to escape tomorrow to fish, but plans seem to have been delayed another day. Ahh yes, now I remember, the day started off dark, trees covered in frost, snow on the ground and a gradual pinking of the western sky as the sun rose in the east.
The Gogo Girls were on the radio as I drove my kid to the bus stop…I remember kind of thinking the Gogo Girls were hot on the album cover where they are all water skiing. So, the day started off alright, I guess in the grand scheme of things.
Things got interesting and time escaped me with the arrival of the UPS guy aroun 9:30 am or so. Of all the gear and gadgets we get in all the time, there is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with opening a box full of 8000 flies in it. So many little flies hoping to make their way into a fish's mouth someday. I'm glad to be a part of their journey.
So, if you come in the shop in a few weeks wanting Little Green Machine's, Psycho Prince's, and even a Dirty Hippy or two, and we are out….know that we listened to your requests, ordered the flies, and someone else beat you to them as you were worried about hitting the Ski Hill one last day! No Baby Gonga's arrived, and if they did, I would keep them hidden from the world anyway

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PbSlinger said...

So is the baby gonga the same as the double gonga? Thanks