Saturday, April 11, 2015


After a day filled with impatience and poor temperament on my part, I heads out to the lower for an hour or so of fishing. Yeah, the wind was nuking, and it was late in the day. The ingrown toenail was screaming at me to forego a wader session. So, I double layered up, pulled the hoodie on, grabbed the 5 wt. and went for a little stroll in search of a rise or two.
It didn't take long to find some small fish rising in tight to the bank. I guess they were eating BWO's but it was so windy that I can't imagine that there were that many bugs on the water. Nevertheless, they ate my fly well enough and I felt good about my spot in the angling world once again.
As I was casting across my body into the headwind, I thought to myself that this really isn't all that bad. I thought of the days in New Zealand when the wind blew so hard and the fish rose freely as they knew that none was going to be getting a fly to them that day. I remembered the last few casts on the Ahuiriri one year, in similar conditions to today, where I ended a month in New Zealand with two consecutive casts followed by a hook embedded in my rod hand. I made the casts well enough today so I guess all those trips paid off after all…might have to go back next year...

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