Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Another typical couple days of BS daddy daycare dealing with a 16 year old that conveniently comes up sick on Monday morning! I always wonder how it is possible for a kid to only get sick on Mondays or Thursday afternoons when he has a 3 day weekend coming up! When they miss Monday, suddenly they need to miss the whole week. How come when I get sick I might miss a day or two, but it never seems to hold me down for a week or two. Superior conditioning must be the answer.
Anyway, dealing with that has had me stressed the last couple of days. Shop stuff is good, rivers are good, fishing is good. It did turn to winter about 4:00pm this afternoon as the temps plummeted 30 degrees and the wind picked up 30 mph. Then it started snowing…dumping actually. So, if you are wondering, no the caddis hatch has not started yet and it will not start tomorrow. Save that phone call for another day.

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