Saturday, April 18, 2015


Winter seems to have left us and Spring is back once again, bringing T-shirts and flip flop weather to the Gallatin Valley. Yesterday was once again busy at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman's fly shop with more gear arriving and people heading out in every which direction in search of fish and quiet on the water.
I received dozens of phone calls in throughout the day with inquiries into the water conditions on the lower Madison. Despite my best efforts to stand on my tippy toes off the shop deck, I was not quite able to see the river from the shop. I guest that people do not realize that the river is 20+ miles away from the shop and we typically have no information about water clarity unless someone comes back from the river or one of our guides is over there that morning and decides to drive 10 mile sour of his way to call us and tell us what the water looks like…they never do that BTW.
So, I drove out there myself this morning to look around as one of our Bozeman fly fishing guides (Steven Rendle) had a trip yesterday during which he claims that he saw a lot of caddis flying around. I wanted to see for myself and I saw clean water, frost on the grass, and no bugs…but that was at 7:00 am. I suspect that it is going to get really good in the coming days.

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