Friday, April 17, 2015


I was planning on guiding today, but a quick stop at the podiatrist yesterday altered the plan. I've been having a nagging ingrown toenail problem that had reached the point where I could no longer rescue it, despite my best attempts with pliers, clippers, and a couple of Ambien for guidance. I had expected some snip snip, but was rewarded for my responsible health care decisions with a couple of shots, some tugging, cutting, and cauterizing. The result was a sore toe that no longer has a toenail and never will. So, I'm going to stick to the shop today and let Steven get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather with one of our guide clients. Be grateful for your toenails and that I did not post the picture of my nail here! Go fish.

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John T said...

Toby, it's not about the nail! Remember offering to look when you grumbled about the damn nail last year, but you wimped out. Considering your anaesthetic, surprised you have a foot left! Still, it got a reprieve for 13 months!