Friday, April 24, 2015


Spent the day yesterday in seminars that were focused on marketing and hosted by Orvis in Missoula. Meetings were informative and got the mind working a bit too. The O-show does a lot of things really well and it's great to be affiliated with a company like them in a variety of ways. They have a lot of knowledge and are remarkabley open with sharing much of that knowledge with other folks in the fly fishing industry. Still, it was a lot of sitting and listening about Google Analytics, social media, and creating esoteric marketing plans.
So, Charlie and I skipped out today and had the Blackfoot to ourselves. Rising water is never a great thing, but we threw Gongas all day and got some fish. I couldn't stop thinking to myself that it is a really nice thing in life to be spending the day on the water in Montana with a buddy and a double gonga.

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