Monday, April 27, 2015


Got back to Bozeman Saturday and spent the day unpacking, sorting, and repacking. Went to look for the lawnmower only to realize that it is still in the shop for repairs and another week out. So, most of Saturday was actually spent being chastised by my wife for being an idiot when it comes to planning lawn equipment maintenance.
Fished the lower yesterday in the rain and snow. Big surprise was that it pretty much sucked with the exception of an hour or so late in the day when the BWO's started to come off in droves. Odd for the nymphing to suck like that, but half a dozen fish on nymphs is a pretty staggering blow in my book on the lower. It's a blow I've had before though. The dry fly fishing was very good thought, it just didn't last as long as I would have expected.
Back out there today and pretty much the same story except it was warm, calm, and sunny all day. The Caddis were super thick late morning on out, but we only had fish really eating on top for a couple of hours. My dude made an awesome cast to the one decent fish we saw wiring all day and poked him good on a Caddis dry. It was one of those moments that got me to stop and think about how rare it is to see that work out the way it did. He did with Bamboo too…
The bugs were going berserk and there is little doubt that it will be very good over there the next few days and evenings so long as the flows stay steady.
In addition to loving my RO Deville Nomad, I also came to appreciate Trouthunter Flourocarbon today and the specially designed tippet holder called "The Stash." I've always been a Rio Fluoroflex Plus guy, but the rubber bands and knot strength on the TH tippet is pretty badass.

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