Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Turns out that the mower was ready today, will pick it up sometime this week. Amazing what a little but of whining can get done, yet it is important to clarify whining and not complaining. Complaining usually does nothing but breed dissent whereas whining - when done properly - can move mountains. Speaking of moving mountains…let's talk about my RO Deville with the Nomad Package for a minute. Unquestionably, the best fly fishing drift boat ever made, in my opinion. That's not to say that other boast aren't the shizbang too, but the RO Deville put the "+" in the grade "A".
My day started with a trip to ROville in search of some solutions to those issues that are keeping my satisfaction from being a 103/100 and locked somberly in at a solid 99.9999 ad infinitum. The mad genius of all things fiberglass pitched a solution to my dilemma that was absolutely stunning. Next level beyond next level kind of game changing boat modification. I have never - in recent days - been so excited about the life altering proposition regarding rod access trays being retro-fitted to my boat as I am tonight! Sure, they said it's a big deal, will take some months to complete so I am yet to get my hopes up. But here I sit, thinking about my boat and how awesome it is going to be to have it dialed into perfection! Thank you to RO for making that extra effort to accommodate my last minute request! RO Rocks!

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