Saturday, May 02, 2015


I headed up to Craig a couple of days ago for the first of my annual guide trips on the Missouri in the spring. The flows are relatively low which made for some more challenging fishing the last two days as the wind was blowing pretty hard in the afternoon yesterday and all day today. Lower flows means that  the boat tends to move around more during the drift and it's more difficult to use the water to help keep a drift going. But, it is the Missouri and there are a lot of fish so we managed to find some fish and have a great time overall.
The trip was with a couple guys that are more buddies than clients and their little kids being 7, 10, & 11. Amazing how good those kids are with rods in their hands already, plus they could stick with it all day, despite the wind. Makes you kind of want to try just a little bit harder. I had a tougher day today and decide to bail out to a little honey hole near the takeout to finish up the day out of the wind and some bent rods. Rowed for a couple of miles only to have a mother boat pull right into the spot as I was making my final move.
We sat awhile, got a good Brown on a dry and then headed back up the river for another go at the next best spot I could get into. I had the little guy out of the boat throwing a dry into the 20 mph wind, he had a few eats but the fish just didn't stay tight. I think I would have stayed there all day if we could have as he really wanted to get one last fish and I was happy to help him out. It didn't happen and he is definitely too young to appreciate the effort he gave, but I sure did.
I head back up there in a couple of days, hoping for less wind and more clouds.

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