Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Spring on the Missouri the last few days has felt and looked more like summer than spring. Low water, green bottom, slack-water rising fish, and full parking lots at boat ramps. Something are awesome and something really suck.
Yesterday saw  perfect conditions with March Browns and BWO’s hatching just about all day long with lazy risers being pretty easy to find. Nymphing was good, got one on a streamer, and stuck a few on dries too. A hat trick is what some may call it , I’d say it was just good fishing.

Some weather started coming in last night and today brought a fresh smell in the air and a 15-20 breeze out of the N/NE from ramp to ramp. Still managed to have it pretty good thanks to a few places tucked out of the wind with the right current and the right depth. Split case BWO nymphs of all things, more so than LGM or Purple JUJU’s even. Crazy, I tell you…crazy.

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