Thursday, May 07, 2015


I have a head full of snarky thoughts that are best left in that thing above my neck with very little hair upon it. Another wonderful day on the Missouri River...which should be bone dry and weedy in about a month. It's the MO though, so I'm sure it will somehow keep on keepin' on well into the summer months. If the fish can leave, breed, and eat on the lower Madison in August…they'll do fine on the MO.
Fishing report? It's fishing well, getting some on streamers, some on dries, some on nymphs. Fish are in great shape and being cooperative. It comes down more to the water that you want to fish than the method that you need to fish to find fish. Which is much different than some days on the Bighorn in which your choice of where to fish is actually dictated by where you can fish. I prefer to fish where I would like to fish and how i would like to fish. Fortunately, my clients usually don't care about either so long as they are the ones that get to do the fishing. Today was another one of those days with sorting out the drift and the wind, getting some fish on dries and nymphs and streamers. Not too bad to be honest.
Still, I'm glad to be home for a couple of days. I'm glad that noone is drinking Margaritas in the fly shop tonight, I'm glad that my drift boat has a pointy front, and I'm glad that I still really like fishing and guiding. I'm really glad that I am in the fly fishing industry and actually fish...and find time to keep the important things like wife and kids more important than not. I have no idea how you can be in this game and not want to be on or in the water more so than not. 2Legit

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