Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Cooler weather found its way back to the Bozone today which made life seem tolerable once again. I spent the day with running around in circles within my head as the UPS man showed up with a few thousand dozen flies, all at once. While the guys toiled away at getting them checked in, sorted, and stocked, I walked around wondering where we are going to put them all. Size 16 Chubby's…really? We did get a few killer new bugs, but it makes even me ask why when all you really need is some lightning bugs, rubber legs, worms, double gongas, and maybe a couple of dries.
Whatever man, I'm back on the water the next few days in search of big bugs, little bugs, and fish that eat Crawdads. Water levels are high right now, but the water is in shape and that's about more than one could ask for except if you like the Gallatin or Yellowstone. The stone should start fishing soon as it's dropping with some viz on the edge, but it's still high and dirty enough that only the enormously skilled is going to make it worth a go. A dedicated streamer dude or two could squeak some out on the edges most likely and a nympher that is willing to lose 100 bugs in the willows would do some damage if they rower can keep the boat in the lane long enough. Who am I kidding? Wait a few days or a week until it turns more green than brown, would be the logical way to go.

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