Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Wrapped things up in Idaho last Friday after a couple of days of meetings and some fishing on the Henry's Fork. Meetings were good, fishing was relatively slow with mixed moments of goodness. It was hectic nevertheless, which seems to be a more common theme in the life of me these days.
Took the little dude for a quick float on Sunday, was surprised by the amount of water in the lower but it's in good shape. Hotter than hell the last two days here in Bozeman, thinking that big bugs are going on the upper now…not a report, just a hunch.
Closed the shop today and we all went and fished for the coveted WGFF jersey. It's more about hanging out with everyone than fishing too seriously these days. Amazing what fishing with friends can do for one's sanity. The bite wasn't real good and it looked like a 16" fish was going to win this year for most of the day, until Nick poked a brown that went a whopping 17.5". Kind of crazy when you think about covering all that water with a bunch of streamers and nymphs and we boated maybe 20 fish between all of us. So, Nick is the first repeater in the history of the WGFF! I'm tired as hell, going to bed before the Ambien hits tonight!

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