Monday, June 15, 2015


Fished the upper on Saturday, second boat on at 8-mile around 6:30 and it was 35 when we put on. Bugs in the bushes, but looking cold. Had a few fish come up to flies early on, but best bite was on the rubber leg dropper along the banks and in the buckets. Ended up floating all the way down to the lake as the peeps were piling into Varney in search of big bugs. Lots of PMD's down there, nymphed good. Was one of those days with blue skies, no wind, and the high neared 75…just spectacular. Dudes made some great casts and poked a bunch of fish.
I was absolutely wore out yesterday and spent the day doing much of nothing with the kids. Took a nap, watched GOT and went to bed. Spectacular.
Working it out in the shop today doing mostly fly bin label mail merge bullshit and looking at gear for next year already. Seriously. I was glad to have no part in receiving the big boxes of Patagonia clothing that brown brought for us.
Fishing tomorrow with buddies, so I guess I shouldn't bitch about having too much crap to do before I head out of town later in the week.

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