Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Freedom fishing day today with Rainman and Ben Wa. 'Twas full of shit talking from the front and middle of the boat this morning as I was put into the sad position of fishing the slop created by dragging streamers and flopping paddles ahead. Needless to say, I still managed to squeak it out, despite almost being decapitated by an electric fence and only fishing about a mile of the 8 miles or so we did. That's how I recall the day anyway.
It was great to be on the water, throwing streamers, and enjoying Montana in it's prime. Wife gets back tomorrow and we head to Belize on Friday for a week at Tflats. Bad time to leave Montana, hopefully a good time to fish Permit in Belize…if only the weather there would be like it was here today.
Orvis sent me a H2 907 as a replacement for my Helios which was destroyed sometime in the last few months. It had been awhile since I fished with that rod and I honestly had forgotten how awesome it is. Super easy to cast compared to some of the other 7's I've been fishing lately. It's not as stiff, but it's a very fast rod that loads easily, perfect for varied distances of streamer fishing from a boat. A series of premium rods that has been around for awhile and is pretty hard to beat when it all comes down to it.

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