Sunday, June 21, 2015


First day here at Tflats after a rather uneventful travel day yesterday free of delays and food poisoning. Kids are in Dallas with my parents and the wife and I are unplugging with some friends.
Day one fishing recap. Rainman had a never seen Tarpon on his second cast and for about 10 seconds....long enough to clear his line and start into the backing. Saw a big fish roll right after that, he kept working it, stuck another fish which cleared his backing and did a big acrobatic jump about 125' away...I just saw the splash as I was trying to get off the polling platform so Dubs could start the chase if needed. Turns out it was a big barracuda, like over 50 pounds. Landed it and that was all for most of the day.
We spent the rest of of the day permit fishing. We fished it well, but never cast to a fish. But, if there would have been a fish...would've stuck it.
Got back to the lodge, did a little walk on the flat, found some tailing bonefish, got one on a Clouser Crayfish and felt like the day was complete.
Thought of my kids, my dad, and how lucky I am have them all! happy Father's Day Dad and Thank You!

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