Friday, July 10, 2015


One of those days with a whole lot of stuff that I usually forget about. Started off simple with a plan to head to the upper Yellerstone for some easy nymphing for the novice and streamer/dry for the A-Teamer. Nice morning, clouds, quiet. A bit of a stiffy through Livingston, but that's typical, settles after you get to Depuy's. River looked a little whiter than I thought it would once we saw it by Depuy's however. Called the shuttle in and they asked me if I knew about the plug of mud to which I responded I just looked at the river and it looked ok, but I'd take a look at it again. So, took another look and it was more brown than green or white, in fact it kind of looked a bit like it did in May, just lower.
Made the big turn and headed north and then east and am thinking to myself that kind of defeats the purpose of leaving early. Then I realized the shuttle driver I use down there isn't working right now. Then the A-teamer mentions something about the annual float boat trip kicking off today. We kept driving east.
Got ahead of the dirty water, Charlie got me a different shuttle number, avoided the craziness of the boat float trip. All that to tell you that the Yellowstone is not really a good choice for tomorrow.
Ended up having a good day on the river. Fish were definitely hanging in the fast water, eating stonefly nymphs just fine. Got a few to eat streamers this morning…JJ's to be exact. Banged through it, got some nice fish, off before it got too hot, saw one other boat. Rabbits and hats is the game I play

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