Saturday, July 11, 2015


Feel like the nail this evening. Miles and miles of nothingness on the Upper Madison would sum it up. Ruby to Varney, a couple streamer chasers, a few dry fly dinks, a few nymphers. Best bite was the last couple of miles above Varney where some fish were sitting where they should, eating what they should.
I first became suspicious of the prospects for the day as I drove across the Yellowstone yesterday afternoon to be greeted by a sea of mud. Had some optimism this morning but thought it was an ominous sign when I saw a Lotus hauling ass down Jackrabbit Lane around 5:15. You don't see a lot of those cars around here and I had a thought that caused me to ask myself whether or not I appreciate the fact that I just saw something I don't see often enough. That was followed by a sinking feeling that told me that I had just witnessed the most significant event of the day.
Had some challenging time constraints this morning, but very good anglers and the bite was just not right. The wind was blowing 15-20 all day, at least it was a downstream wind. Made me wonder how is it possible to throw that many unrewarded drifts so well. Fish are interesting critters for some reason.
Right now, I'm looking forward to eating some Vitamin A and waiting for that wonderful place I call Oblivion.

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