Sunday, August 02, 2015


I took the little dude to the upper Yellowstone this morning. It has been HOT the last few days, so we got up early and putzed our way along after stops at McDonalds, Town Pump, and Angler's West in Emigrant. Picked up a very cool dry at AW that brought some Cutthroats up throughout the morning…don't remember what it was called but I hadn't seen it before and it looked good…
Little guy opted for rod and reel fishing today for the most part, little bit of Tenkara thrown into the mix as well. Fish were eating pretty well until noon and then we just found them here and there. The whitefish were getting it on in the afternoon, but we avoided the hookups thanks to a giant fly.
Starting on another run for a couple of weeks tomorrow and looking forward to it. Hoping for some days that are less hot in the coming week.

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