Monday, August 03, 2015


Looks like a little bit of cooler weather arrived this afternoon, bringing some clouds and wind with it. Downright pleasant day today in terms of weather and water conditions, not so much with the bite. Fished through town on the Yellowstone with some stellar sticks and poked a few decent fish on dries, a couple streamer grabs and a few decent dry eats. Lots if whitefish on the rise right and appearing to be pretty hungry…enough that I was a little bit afraid of going all out dry dropper.
Besides the bite, it felt good to be on the water with some good friends and chilling more so than stressing. Seemed like we should have had more fish come up, but that didn't happen. Almost lost an oar in some pillowy water above 89. Midges were out pretty thick this morning, some PMD's, nocturnal stones on the bank. Purple dries...

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