Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Upper Yellowstone today with a couple of guys that have none to next to none fly fishing experience. Interesting how one guy picked up right away, nice casts, good drifts, and improved hook sets while the other guy was as untalented at the end of the day as he was at the beginning. Still, managed to get some cutthroats to the boat on dries for most of the day, missed plenty too…missed lots…missed more than got, by a longshot.
Day started off about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled with about 18 mg sort of nicotine and 3 cups light on coffee. Took  awhile to clear the head. The head was cleared quickly though thanks to a hook in the hat, a hook ricochet off the glasses, hooks in clothes, hooks in boat, hooks in other hooks, hooks on other rods, hooks in tippet, and hooks in the other dude.
Lots of lightning and rain early afternoon made for a quick exit and a nice stroll across the Emigrant bridge in a barrage of pea-szed hail. The storm came just in time and was gone almost as quick. Oblivion here I come!

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