Sunday, August 09, 2015


Big couple of days around here fishing just west of Bozeman in the water full of nothing.
Yesterday was with a couple of kids under the age of 10. In their defenses, they can fish really well so the age thing sounds more imposing than it really is. Some interesting tidbits that I picked up along the day include a refresher on bodily movement phrases to go with the various cuss words that are referred to simply by their first letter. I also learned that there was a guy that was going to the bathroom and flushed before he was done…his entire insides got sucked down the toilet. Surely, nobody would make that up, I was assured. One of the kids fished hard and the other one mostly complained and talked until he fell asleep around 10:30…think he slept until 2.
Today was with an 89 year old guy that I've been fishing with for quite awhile now. I learned that California fishing license sales are down 30%, California has issued 500K worth of drivers licenses to illegal aliens, and that despite his age, he can still fish well enough.
The similarities between the tow days include lots of whacking my oars on the backcast, one close call with a hook to the head, gulping of soft drinks, and lots of asking why they aren't catching more fish. Really, you take away the age difference and the only real difference is today had a drivers license while yesterday did not. Made me think about that Benjamin Button movie and how startling similar kids and elderly can be…if thats where I come from and am going…maybe we just spend our whole lives trying not to be who we really are only to be reminded near the end that we are who we were when I came into the world.
Fishing? Just kind of sucked the last couple of days where I was. Bugs out, good water here and there. Good water temperatures and nobody else around. Nada rise, fish we got to eat were on worms and rubber legs…Imagine that.

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