Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Got 'em good on the 10th and I'm not saying where. Nymphing though. Did not get them good yesterday on the upper Madison. Got them good today on the upper Yellowstone, cutthroats eating big dries and purple lightning bugs.
On the subject of the Yellowstone, it has been a wreck for a little over a week, but started to clear yesterday. It's green with a few feet of vis, good on the banks. Looked still a bit dirty to bring fish up out of the middle and deeper leagues. Cutty's rose well though until early afternoon. Looks like they are getting more rain though, so it could or could not be a short window, just have to wait and see. But, when I'v been on that upper river the last couple of weeks, the dry fly fishing has been fun. Perfect reason to go someplace else tomorrow!
Best flies today were a pink chubby in the morning and then a purple chubby late morning. Seemed like they would have probably eaten anything put in the right water though. Shallow seams and insides of drop-offs and ledges.

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