Friday, August 14, 2015


yesterday fleet like ti was 117 on the water, although it was only 94, the heat started off around 8 in the morning verssu the typical 10 or 11. Headed down low on the stone with hopes of some water with a bit of color, but just enough of the good stuff to find some hopper eaters on the banks. We didn't  so we ended up nymphing which ended up resulting in most cast with weeds on the bugs and a few tugs here and there.
Looking at today, looks like lots of heat and red flag warnings which must mean something about high winds and fire danger. I think I should call in sick and watch the entire Mad Men series On Demand.
Bu alas young man, the ambient is fading from my head and I realize that I am going either way so off the lesser of all bad river choices today…
Looks like next week should be pleasant again though.

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