Sunday, August 23, 2015


Radio silence as the result of fatigue and laziness more so than depression and despair. The weather has been fantastic - a little too cold in the mornings - but just about perfect throughout the days which has led to longer days which end with me having no desire for computer time.
Spent 4 days with a couple of fun guys from back east that like fishing and being on the water, regardless of the bite. They don't get upset if they miss a bunch of fish or get tangled right before we get too good water. Kind of makes me try harder to be honest, that and that they generally try to improve their fishing skills. Always frustrating when you run into an apathetic angler for the day and thankfully, it's been awhile for me too.
Everything has been fishing well that I've been on the last couple of weeks, I would say that OI've had a tougher time through Livingston than everywhere else, but that's still be good enough most days, but also the only place on the Stone that I've been running into much traffic. Those little quiet spots are quiet right now, and fishing well.
I ended up on the upper today as I got called in off the bench around 6:30 this morning. One of the guides I had lined up for a trip today ran into a deer just outside 4-corners. Ben called me and said that the guide wouldn't be able to do the trip as a result of hitting the deer, so I got up and out and headed to the upper to meet up with the people. I drove by the accident on my way to the river and it scared the hell out of me. His truck, boat and the other truck were all mangled to the point that it was hard to believe no one was injured. But, thankfully everyone was alright and it woke me up to be more careful when I'm driving.
The upper fished well today for some reason. Worms and shop vacs.

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