Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It has been cold here the last few mornings, somewhere in the low 40's or 30's…cold enough so that flip flops seems kind of stupid. Not sure if that has put the fish on a delayed feeding response or not. No idea today as the wind was numbing in the 20's at our back the first few hours. During that time, however, we did have a few fish come up to the hopper, a few tangles, and a few shitty drifts. The shitty drifts had more to do with the wind and boat speed relative to the actual water current speed, me thinks. Fish have really moved out off the banks, finally, and are eating in the mid-rvier seams pretty well, at least they were today once the wind died down and the air warmed up. The old Parachute Hopper has been my best hopper this year of all things, the tan Morrish did well today in the afternoon, no much love on stinky pinkys. Upper Yellowstone, only boat I saw all day was mine…odd.

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