Sunday, September 06, 2015


Windy as *$%^ the last couple of days as this cool front has moved in and helped fishing out quite a bit. Lots more options right now, but the wind is a limiting factor unless you can get the right direction.
Yesterday was rainy, windy, windy, sun, and then juts windy. A good bite though, just tough to get the drift.
Had some struggles with client comfort and gauging the length of the day. Cruised on through the rain and ended in sunshine.
West today through the land of caves and beavers. Windy as you can imagine and lower water than you would ever really guess. Some good eats on hoppers, hopper droppers, and even some streamer eats too.
Last day tomorrow with two longtime favorites of mine. What makes a favorite? Positive attitude, up for anything, willing to try new stuff and learn. There's almost always some frustration on my end when  the wind is ripping and some casting struggles pop-up. Hardest part for me is to keep my shit together and suppress the frustration as much as I can. Lots of nicotine and the acceptance that nobody tries to make a shitty cast, drop their line, wrap their line around shit, and miss fish. I still lose my shit though, probably always will.

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