Monday, September 07, 2015


Way, way down low on the Yellowstone today. Beautiful start to the day, water is low, but good and the weeds have gotten much more manageable. Fish were in fast runs and around drop-offs, unfortunately our flies often were not. The wind picked up after an hour and blew 20-30 the rest of the day. Very little hopper interest and whitey bite is solid. So, if they aren't eating dries and streamer fishing isn't an option, and the nymph runs are a one and done…might be into more whitefish than one would guess, as we were. 5 days in a row of heavy winds has started to wear me down, among other things. I'll try to mull it all over once I take my vitamin A tonight as surely there is more to it all than just rowing boats in the wind.
I had lots of thought today on what it means to be human, and to fish. Effective and happy humans tend to be less selfish, I've noticed. Good fisher people become great fisher people once they do rather than wonder. Great fisher people generally find enjoyment in the act of fishing and fishing well, or as well as they can. There are plenty of bad anglers that are great fisher people, met some great anglers that are junk fisher people too. I've even met some good anglers that are great fisher people. The only real difference between them all is contentment with their place in the world, fishing really is only as hard as you make it.

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