Thursday, September 10, 2015


Finally, some settled weather has settled into the Bozone. First day in awhile where I didn't go home birthing about it being windy.
Did the upper, low and slow the hard way. Wire worm, 5' leader, sometimes one split shot, sometimes two. Good number of solid fish, some serious screamers. One 21" Rainbow that was about 4 inches in circumference at it's thickest point.
Other thoughts on the day? Happiness as I realized that I did not fry my e-cog charger yesterday! Everyone gets tired around 2:00 pm, and casts and drifts go downhill. When fish are hungry, fly choices are simple. Guides are supposed to cover up their sticker when they aren't guiding or not stick the sticker to the boat. Kickboats are disgusting. Randy Cain is one of "The Men." Ennis is kind of nice little town. The lower Madison is weedy. The Sage Pulse is a nice mid-priced rod. The next thingamabobber needs to be developed, something entirely new and state of the art. I have 4 years on my Patagonia Guidewater pants and they are the most comfortable of all the pants I have. The Orvis Recon is also a nice mid-priced rod. Wind sucks. I like my remote control trolling motor more than my fancy oars. No matter how you slice it, using the expression "Tiddler" to describe a small fish is simply gay (not being judgmental). Chartreuse is a good color. I should grease my bearings. I need to listen to more rap music. It would be nice if there was more water coming out of Hebgen. I need more split shot. I can't say the name of the my new favorite shirt as it would suggest that I am even more of a sellout than previously thought and it's not even close to what any of you would think, but it is super comfy.
Lastly, I hope and pray that we never have another day like  tomorrow in 2001. I thank everyone that has given their lives and souls to doing everything they can to make the world safer. I am grateful to be an American and to be able to live my life as it is my life.

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