Wednesday, September 09, 2015


An unscheduled day off today was exactly what the doctor ordered for me and Charlie. Despite oversleeping and being late for kid duties and bust stops, I still managed to make it through another day in this life without wishing I didn't.
Charlie and I took the new boat out for a few hours of throwing streamers. We moved a lot more fish than we caught. I am pretty mesmerized by this whole remote control trolling motor thing these days. Sitting up on my perch at the stern of the boat, drinking coffee, looking at water, and puffing away on my e-digs is a pretty hard thing to beat in my book. Add some fish to the mix and a bunch of bullshitting, and life gets just about as grand as it gets.
Sure, we could have got more fish, but we could have also gotten less. Neither of us were complaining, which sounded awesome to me. People complain too much in general, even in and around fly-fishing! I have even been know to complain too much, but not today. Today I am worm out from spending the day relaxing, which is a good thing in my book. Back at it tomorrow.

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