Monday, September 14, 2015


Had two tough days of fishing.
One on a stupid river which resulted in one big fish to the boat and a handful of dinks. Big fish came on a 12' leader and a dole worm rig, so I was working it very hard. Never good when the leader best long and the water is low and the only thing a fish will eat is a giant red piece of wire. Great people and beautiful day though.
Yesterday was a trip to the upper after several reports of "The Best Hopper Fishing of the Year." Got up there and the wind was 15-20 at out back floating down a beautiful river with 30 other boats. It nymphed OK for the most part, got half a dozen nice rainbows in the 17-19" range and a handful of dinks. Fish were tight to the rocks. Had some fish come up to the hopper and refuse it, had a few eat it. Doesn't sound so bad after all, except that it was almost all the guy in the front of the boat, guy in the back only got a couple, they were both good anglers.
Lesson? Don't go chase fishing tales on the upper Madison...there is always better fishing to be had. I'll probably be back up there today though...

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