Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Much needed break form reality today was obtained. It was windy this morning, but it died down once we got on the water, things were calm. Algae bloom in full swing still, got a few fish to eat some streamers and soaked in the sun. Still, a productive work meeting with our Orvis sales rep was had and a few fish were turned.
Interesting tidbits of the day? I realized that the giant pontoon boat with Lazy Boys belongs to the three old guys that have been fishing these lakes forever. They were getting 'em good trolling what I'm sure was a brown wooly worm with their level line sinking lines. Made me smile to realize that those guys are those guys. Cast the new Hardy rods, very nice rods. I like that Sage Bolt the more I fish with it. The H2 is pretty hard to beat when you dial it all down. Got some sexy new streamers that di dnot produce fish, but looked good trying. Renting a Tux isn't really much fun. I have down enough guide trips this year, but looking forward to the rally that is coming soon. I could use a tutorial on understanding how to read sonar on the Lowrance.

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