Monday, September 21, 2015


No, I have not gone dark. The internet was out at the house for several days so I took a reprieve.
Since I posted last, what has happened? It's been windy. I did Windy to Macatee one day and it was windy. Great anglers that day, not a one streamer grab, drift after drift right next to mid-river rocks and a few nice fish, most of which were whitefish. There was something else in there too, but I can't remember it.
Valley Garden to the lake one day, super dynamite in two spots, mostly empty elsewhere. Super hot rainbows in there right now. A bunch of googans too and not enough water, not a good combination Windy too. Then drove to the Yellowstone only to head back to Bozeman because of the wind, ended up at a FRIEND'S place and he saved our asses for the day by giving us someplace to catch fish and not be blown all over the place. Down there today, very solid morning, slower afternoon and a delightful upstream wind in low water, but not add low as it can go. Rubberlegs and worms…surprise surprise. I have now lost about 846 pink worms this summer.
Have a few days off now right now, which are needed to get caught up around the family and the shop. I'm going fishing tomorrow though, hopefully the day after that too. Need to so some water time for myself right now as I am losing my mind. When I close my eyes at night, all I hear is the wind.
Other things that I have learned and thought about this week? I need to grease my bearings. The low carb diet is getting old, what is 20 pounds really worth? Manufacturers should discontinue less stuff and offer less choices of better quality products. Wind sucks, high pressure sucks, low water in the wind during sunny skies and high pressure really sucks. There are a lot of really kind people in the world around me. Parenting is difficult. Business is good. I have good people working with me. Pre-season inventory orders suck. Taxes suck. I have to rent a tux for something with the wife at MSU this Friday, that kind of sucks. I should ask my wife before i make plans to leave town for a few days. I have a very badass, new streamer that most of the world will never see, but I will give one to my FRIEND.

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