Monday, September 28, 2015


Lower Madison today with kids that are all grown up now. First time I guided the kid today, he was 14 or 15 and pretty much a knoucklehead. He's 25 now and far from a knucklehead, gives me hope my for my oldest boy! One of the truly special parts of my job is the time on the water with good people, enjoying it all. It helps when fishing is good, which it was today.
The river is in good shape now, weeds still around but not much of an issue. Fish are on crayfish variants pretty good right now, especially the fish in the random skinny water. Lots of Pesudos and blackly around too, fish eating little zebra midges in the morning…olive for me. Bucket dunking afternoon with wire worms and a ton of weight.
Beyond this, I have little to report other than the weather was absolutely spectacular today. Something about those days without much wind with good anglers in the boat that sure make sky job seem pretty fun. Seems like its been awhile since I can say something that doesn't involve the wind.

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