Thursday, October 01, 2015


Rocking it in the fly shop today for a change of pace. Looked like the perfect day to be on the water, sounded like the lower fished very well…I probably would've got 100.
Mostly dealing with minutia today, but had the chance to break away for a few conversations and a few mini-rep meetings.
Sounds like the Madison in YNP is an absolute junkshow right now. Had a guy come in and ask for pegged egg gear. That's a difficult one for me to address. On one hand, I KNOW how effective a plastic bead egg placed about 3 inches above a wire worm can be. On the other hand, I know that it is illegal in Montana. On one hand I'm all about personal freedom, but the law is the law. I know that a lot of people fish them in the park, I don't know if it's legal - suspect that it is a grey area that the fisheries people never thought they would need to address. So, that brings one to the tricky area of what is right and what is wrong…largely a judgment call. Have your opinion, I'll have mine. I think that one should abstain from fishing pegged eggs in the park, legal or illegal. But, I think it should be legal in Montana if the bead is placed within 2-3" of a dressed hook.
In other news, we got the much anticipated Hatch nippers in the shop today. I have to admit that $100 for a nipper is pushing the limits of what I would pay for a nipper by $60. However, if I were ever to own a nipper that was more than $40…it would be a Hatch nipper…lasts forever and you never have to take care of it…even comes with a lanyard so that you are less likely to lose it the first time out!

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