Thursday, October 08, 2015


Seems like a lifetime since I last had the energy to update the world on my shenanigans. Specifically, I mean the last few days of guiding in 2015. By the last few, I mean that there is very little chance that enough money will be offered me to get me to row about for hire one more day in 2015. Just too much stuff going on and I'm worn out. I'll go if its going to be cloudy, in the 50's, expert anglers that want to throw streamers or fish dries on rivers that have nobody around and even fewer fish…but that's it.
Sunday was on the river way over there. Water was coming up slightly, but in great shape. Fished streamers hard most of the morning, a few grabs, one nice one came unbuttoned. Nymphing was better, but most of the good water was behind us by then. No dries. Awesome angler, beautiful day, average fishing.
Monday was on the lower and it sucked compared to how it had and has been. Nada streamer grab, nada dry fly grab, a couple crawdad grabs, mostly rubber worms and tailwater tines. Same awesome angler, same beautiful weather.
Tuesday was a little off the grid honey hole. Sightfishing to big fish cruising shallow water. Fishing was pretty solid, weather great, scenery great, same awesome angler. I did have to call a wrecker to come pull me out of the mud though after burying the suburban up to the axels. That kind of was the sucky part of the day, that and the 2 mile I walked in fleece pants and crocs in 80 degree weather, uphill both ways. That part really sucked.
Been recovering the last couple of days, almost done with Taxes, almost done with first of the big preseason orders.

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