Thursday, October 22, 2015


Back home last night after a few days staring at roads and water, a few fish in between. Where to start is where to finish.
Headed out early Monday morning with the jet boat in tow for a some Missouri time. Very few streamer eats and the inconsistent Baetis rise made for an acceptable outcome for the day. Three anglers, 4 rods, only one of which had a floating line on it. So, we weren't going to "tear it up" on dries either way. Actually had about 9 rods in the boat, but only 4 reels. It was alright, but not the stuff dreams are made of. and I need a dream.
Headed elsewhere after that. Discovered that I am a bit of a puss when it come sot running the jet around skinny water. I figured that out after a rock found its way into the jet screen and I realized that not only do I not have any tools to make a quick repair, but I also wouldn't know what to do with them if I did have them. Discovered that the jet boat is a bit more challenging to row than the RO Deville. Also, learned that streamer fishing sucked that day.
The next day started off with debates revolving the definition of Trespassing and what does "No Trespassing" really mean. That conversation was augmented with discussions involving distances and convenience as well. We did fish, but it was far from stellar as well. Cool thing from me was that I got some alone time on the water to reflect and assess the state of life these days.
Best part of those reflections? The realization that its all going to be exactly how it should be and that all is just fine the way it is and is going to be. Sure, I wish some things would be different, but overall, life is pretty grand. I also came to terms with the fact that the last thing I want to see when I go fishing is a dam. I used to love sowbugs, midges, and scuds…evolution.

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