Saturday, October 17, 2015


I spent most of the last 10 days working on orders for next year, working in the shop, and working in general. It feels really good to not be guiding anymore this year…I mean really good. Some years, I'm sorry to see it end, but not this year. I have been enjoying the hell out of sleeping, talking, and staring at computer screens…not to mention at least seeing my wife and kids everyday.
This past week was hectic with a dealer conference that the fly-fishing industry association, AFFTA,held here in Bozeman. This was the second such event they've held and we had something like 50 retailers from around the country, in town for the week. It was an amazing opportunity for me to network and learn more about the nuts and bolts of running my business. In addition to the other retailers attending, most of the major manufacturers were present as well - without their products for a change. The experience was really over the top and left me feeling more excited about the fly fishing industry than I have felt in awhile.
Prior to the meetings, I spent the day fishing with a couple of the Orvis "big-shots." In addition to doing some business conversing, we did some general conversing too. I walked away from the day thinking that I was really happy to have spent the day with them as I did. Good people, making good products, and giving anglers some great choices. They have a new reel for 2016 in the $200 range that everyone is going to be very excited about.
Last couple of days have been spent working on orders and business stuff in the shop. I was feeling frantic Thursday night as I have a pile of things to do and I was scheduled to go to Lousiana with 11 of my buddies for some Redfishing best Monday. But, the weather looks to be shit there and we decided to cancel/reschedule instead of spend the week doing nothing in BFE La. Good thing for refundable plane tickets.
So, that leaves me with a few days to kill next week and I ma getting the hell out of Bozeman. Not sure where I'm headed, but I know that I'm going to go, and will still be adding a day or two to get caught up and more prepared for 2016. It has been a longtime since I've gotten away for a few days and it is much needed. Jet boat in tow with buddy or two and out I go…after dropping the kids off at school…of course.

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