Thursday, October 29, 2015


Awoke early this morning and it looks COLD outside with the full, or near-full moon lighting up frost across the backyard. Thinking that I need to go out and tilt my drift boat to drain the water before the first snow arrives. Need to get the jet boat to the car was after running it one last time this fall too. I still don't miss rowing the boat yet, I miss the warmth of the sun at 9 am and the hope of a hopper eat…but not that much yet.
I've been busy wrapping up pre-season orders this week so that my life can move forward once again. Most of the fly-fishing industry revolves around pre-season ordering and it is an old system that could use some modernization. Manufacturers need long lead times  for everything from rods to float ant in order to maximize order fulfillment. Customers generally don't really want most of the stuff until they go fishing, which is generally months away from now. So, fly shops have to look at what people bought last year and what the manufacturers have for next year and then basically throw some darts with the hope of bringing the three groups happily together from July-September of next year. It's one of the most important times of year for me, yet provides the lease amount of instant gratification of everything I do…
The ordering never really stops, but it's so nice when the lion's share is done…which it basically is for me this morning.
Now to focusing more on fun shit!

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