Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Last day here on the boat at Rio Marie in Brazil. Very good fishing yesterday in the main river, but nothing very large. Slow day today until the afternoon when we got into enough small fish and I dumbed into a 20 pounder.
That last fish was my last cast of the trip and a perfect way to end what has been a surprisingly enjoyable trip. The fishing is exhausting here...cast heavy flies as far as you can and strip, strip, strip. Conditions were alright, but water levels have been rising and dropping most of the trip with rains. 
The jungle is amazing in its vastness and monotony. The heat is stifling. The bees and flies are annoying. The boat is amazing, the fishing boats are awesome. The guides are committed. The fishing is hard, the fish are pretty sweet.
Looking forward to getting home to the wife and kids, and even some snow.

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