Sunday, November 08, 2015


Day 4 of fishing done here in the Amazon, and looking forward to a couple more. The river has been rising and dropping with the daily rains, so fishing has been fair to good throughout the day. 
Yesterday, we went about 100 miles up a side tributary of the main river to get way out there and check it out. The water was in better shape and dropping, but the bite was not epic other than a a couple places we stopped. I did a mange to find and land a 22 pound Peacock and maybe 15-20 in the 3-6 pound range. So, I was pretty thrilled with the day.
Coolest part though was spending the night on a sandbar in tents with my dad and a couple friends. I could not stop thinking about how few white people had ever been where we were yesterday. It seems like no matter how far you go into this place, it just doesn't change. Mile after mile of incredibly thick vegetation along the banks with no break or open spaces...amazing.
We awoke this morning to a river that had dropped a couple feet overnight and looked relatively perfect. We beat them up pretty good in a few places today, but nothing really large to hand, except...the guide and I dropped my dad off while the other guides prepared lunch and went to hit one more little place.
I told the guide to fish too and we hammered on the fish for about 20 minutes, doubling up every other cast with 4-5 chasing both of our flies and hooked fish to the boat. As we were getting ready to move on and go back to grab my dad after lunch, the guide got a big eat. Ended up boating the 20 pound fish with me steering in the trolling motor.
He's a young guy and only been guiding here for 4 weeks and hasn't really even fished for peacock much himself. He was so excited, as was I. It really was one of those rare half an hour of fishing that is hard to appreciate unless you have been "pounding nails" for days upon days. Needless to say, we grabbed my dad and headed back...nada baby.

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