Monday, November 30, 2015


Man it's cold here right now. The occasional dude came in the shop with that desperate glazed over eye look, begging for someplace to fish with open water today. I encouraged the first 20 feet of water below a dam or go spend $40 at the spring creeks. Other than that…you can bet on dealing with more ice than not ice.
I spent most of the day wrapping up orders for next year and wondering if my blood pressure is up because of massive nicotine intake or family history. Multi-tasking at it's best. Looking ahead to a month of organizing outfitting logs and sending various government agencies money. Don't mind paying my share, just wish that my group of payers wasn't paying for all the people's use that don't pay.
If you use a state fishing access site or state land, you should have to buy a state lands use permit…regardless of your use of the land. $5-7 each per tuber, parking lot sleeper, and outhouse user would really help to add value to the resource more than my $100 and 3%. I'm still happy to pay my $100 and 3%, just wish everyone else that used the resource actually contributed to the maintenance and overhead associated with the overhead.

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