Sunday, January 10, 2016


Well, I thought things were going to settle down for awhile and that I'd be spending more time in the Bozone than not.
Ended up having a death in the family and went back to Texas late last week for a few days. My grandma, on my mom's side, was 89 and a sweet lady for the 45 years that I knew her. I hope that I not only make it that long, but am half as content as she was with her life.
So, I am now officially back in the Bozone until mid-February and plan on being at the shop most days. We have several big projects that are starting to wrap up, a couple of which should be showing themselves soon enough.
I've been bottling up my the thoughts that have been associated with many things the last few months. Topics range from fly fishing sellouts, kiss-asses, and the dirt that drags the sport down. The cool thing about my opinions is that they are based on experience, not so much on conjecture. I like to roll like that, just reality and my opinions of the other players based on experience. Blowhards, drunkards, and liars…oh boy!
However, I am hoping for some mild weather mid-week that would make for a few hours on the water…I could use it.

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