Sunday, January 03, 2016


I am gleeful that the Holidays are officially over! Spent Christmas in Ohio with the inlaws which was actually pretty nice outside of all the flight delays. Worked a little last week, but spent a couple days skiing with the little dude at Big Sky which was fun, but COLD.
Headed to the Bighorn on New Years day with a buddy and the jet boat. After several travel delays of our own making, we arrived late in the day and caught some fish. Spent yesterday mostly fishing, shooting a few ducks, and worrying about what could go wrong running the boat in cold weather with frozen boat ramps. Fishing was good and spawny. Not as many ducks around as I would have expected. Learned that I need to get chains and a tow strap for the rig.
Seriously looking forward to 2016 and getting on with things, seems like the Holiday season was just too long. Great to start off the new year with a bent rod in Montana for a change!

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