Thursday, January 21, 2016


I feel better today, amazing what a little cyber-rant and a fuckhead-free day can do for the soul! Looking forward to the last day of the week during which I should have the opportunity to finely tune the layout of 1/8 th of our fly bins for the 2016 season! Does that sound awesome or what? Maybe I'll even get to practice my mail-merge skills and print some fly bin labels! Exciting stuff, I know…I am so lucky.
Sounds like fishing has been very good on the Gallatin and the lower the last two days. Several reports from both directions that the bite has been right. Not hearing much about the dry fly fishing yet, but nymphing sounds like it has been solid. If the wind don't blow and my kids figure out how to entertain themselves for a day, I am hoping to get out one day this weekend.
Also, our free Saturday tying seminar series starts this Saturday with Willy Self at the fly shop. It gets going around 9:30 and lasts a couple of hours. Stop in and say hi, bust on Willy a bit too.

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