Saturday, January 23, 2016


First weekend off the ski hill for me in awhile, and it felt good. I like skiing a lot, but I don't love it. So, the family headed to the hills and I headed to the water thanks to some mild weather and a patient family.
We drove past the lower, straight up to an ol' honey hole near Ennis. No wind on the lower, windy on the upper…of course. Walked out to the honey hole, made a few cast, got nada and moved onto a much more well known honey hole that has kind of ceased to be a true honey hole. There were a couple dudes heading to the honey hole when we got there, so we went to some water that had some honey hole attributes back in the late 90's.
Though I could remember the holes and the way to the holes, I couldn't remember the walk being so far. Used to seem like you stepped out of the truck and you were in it, today my legs burn and ankles are sore from wobbling around. I like the used to be version better!
Anyway, the fishing wasn't good. I'd chalk it up more to the fact that the river is low and the water temperatures are cold. Little honey holes and deep, slow runs are kind of fast and choppy right now. I'm sure if you can get in the right water, the bite is good enough.
We headed back and stopped on the lower, but there were quite a few folks out and we didn't really find any honey holes there to be free and accessible. So, we fished some semi-shit water got a couple and headed home.
It was a good day though, nice to be out and standing in the water rather than sitting in an office or on a chair lift. Water is so clear this time of year. The lower had that "midgey" feeling today, but the bugs weren't out where we were. Have a feeling that a week or so of some milder weather might just get them out thick and some heads looking up.

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