Thursday, January 28, 2016


Yes, the circle of flies is still incomplete…but almost. Worked my way through all of the trout stuff so just have warmwater, anadromous, and salt to go…a few hours.
Listened to stories of rising fish aplenty on the lower Madison yesterday, so put on the "lunch-plan" for today. Headed over there about noon, beautiful skies and flags at full drape at 4-corners. The wind started ripping as I passed Cherry Creek, fine up until that point. Found a spot, got out, saw some midges, watched the waves blow around. Wadered up, tied a worm on, caught a few fish and headed back to the shop. Wrapped up the streamer section this afternoon.
There were a lot of midges out, even in the bright sun and heavy wind. The point is to keep it on the radar when we get a little bit of clouds and relative calm. Gonna be getting real good, soon.
Made me stop to think, more than once, about how fortunate I am to be where I am. Not a bad gig, today.

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